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North Moore had the pleasure of catering Harrison Pensa’s annual Oyster Party for 2011, held at Museum London. The party was “Prohibition” themed, and bar staff were dressed in flapper dresses and gangster suits and the venue was adorned with burlap, whisky barrels and booze crates – much to the delight of all those in […]

North Moore Catering was fortunate to have the privilege to cater for Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Click here for a glimpse into some of the food & event photos at North Moore Catering. As our menu is quite extensive…only a small percentage of our food is shown here…plus we usually forget our cameras!!!

Rossini Floral and Event Planning is our preferred supplier of all things floral & decor related. Highly professional and wonderfully creative!!! ┬áThe following images are of events that combine North Moore Catering with Rossini Floral! One word…FABULOUS!